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    We Build Websites

    62% of companies that designed a website specifically for mobile had increased sales.

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    Have An App for That?

    Mobile apps account for 89% of media time.

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    Need Ideas or Help?

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App Development

With a mobile-first approach, Uptain Media provides a consistent experience from phones and tablets to desktops.

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Mobile App Design

The 900,000 iPhone & iPad apps in the Apple App store have been downloaded over 50 billion times. But how many of those apps were opened more than once? How many every day? What are the apps that users move to their home screen?

Those are the apps we strive to build. Apps that get used and remembered. The kinds of apps that feature your business and organization. The apps people rely upon daily. The apps that matter.
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Web Design

It's important to have a proper appearance online. So why are there so many unhelpful websites out there? We have the solution.

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Website Design

At Uptain Media we like to build every website using a Content Management System. Don’t know what a CMS is? Well the short version is; a CMS is a website that allows people, YOU, with little or no web design experience to update their website once it is built by us.

Wondering what the web design process is exactly? Well we try to keep the process as simple as possible. First, we will have a face-to-face meeting so we can get an idea of what you are wanting out of your website. Next, we will develop a custom CMS website from scratch using the latest web standards that provides improved performance and usability. And lastly, we will incorporate a beautiful graphic design into your site that will complete the entire look and feel of your site.

And, if you already have a brand logo, we can easily incorporate that into your new website too. Some other tools we can implement are website analytics which gives you detailed reports on who, when, where and how your website is getting used.
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Social Media

Social media is often seen as the key driver of communication to maximize enrollments, engagement and increase media outreach.

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Social Media Marketing

You’ve heard the saying “the best compliment a customer can give us is by referring their friends.” Social networks are where customers are doing just that. Whether it’s through Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Tumblr, YouTube, Google+, Yelp or any other social network, they are talking about their experiences.

Uptain Media goes beyond just a post and a tweet to make sure your company is being represented to the highest standards in front of these social movers and shakers. Understanding your corporate brand and message, target audience and business objectives, we create a social media strategy that extends to all facets of your business incorporating the right mix of social media outlets. Each social media strategy is unique with your social media ROI goals in mind. By determining your company’s objectives, Uptain Media develops a social media strategy that not only becomes a marketing force for lead generation, sales and customer loyalty, but also a strong market research tool to provide the knowledge to market smarter.
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9 Ways Small Businesses Can Be Big on Google

9 Ways Small Businesses Can Be Big on Google

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The 5 Basics for Building an Online Business That Actually Makes Money

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We develop mobile apps for iOS.


Android apps are a must, we do those too.


All websites are built with HTML5.


We use the latest trends in CSS.


Update your website on the most popular CMS platform.


We take a mobile-first approach in everything we design.


E-commerce websites and apps that integrate together.


All websites are protected under a custom firewall and security platform.

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